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Any member who have remitted the subscription for a minimum period of 10 consecutive years is eligible for pension under the following criteria : i)the member should have completed 60 years of age ii)the member who is unable to go for work for more than two years due to some permanent illness
Family Pension:
If a member who have paid subcription for more than 15 years or a member who is eligible for pension dies, his family is liable to get the family pension
Maternity Allowance
Eligibility for Maternity Allowance for a female member is based on the following criteria: i) The member should have remitted subscription for at least 1 year ii) The member should not come under the Employees State Insurance Scheme. The Maternity allowance is max 3 months' salary- or Rupees 15,000/-(Rupees Fifteen Thousand) which is lesser in case of Delivery. Whereas in the case of Abortion, allowance will be fixed for a minimum period of 6 weeks subjected to above conditions.But a member cannot claim for maternity allowance more than two times.
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